The New Striker in Liverpool

Not surprising when Daniel Sturridge will be replaced. Jurgen Klopp implies signs of it during the last few games. When facing Manchester United, he should be out of the field and replaced by Adam Lallana. The striker is considered not to contribute his best. At that moment he began to lose confidence in both of the manager, team and supporters.

Previously, Klopp like to put up with the situation experienced by this player. Until at one point when he began embarrassed and did not put him as first striker. Now, he began to run out of patience and considering several names as a replacement for Sturridge.

Well, Sturrdidge out, but who is going to be on his place? For now, Firmino is a replacement in the field. But Klopp will not wait too long before he could ensure a steady formation for the Reds. So, the solution is to track the transfer market. Or there are other considerations such as finding other players from the club who have not gotten a chance in the first squad. Looks like it was a little hard, but he still could open up excellent opportunities for other players.


Mauro Icardi

It’s such a difficult thing for Liverpool. But Icardi is a sensible choice. Currently, he has a big problem with his club, Inter Milan. In an autobiographical book, he wrote some things that sparked outrage in the camp of supporters. The impact is a threat to him in order to remove the armband. So, he barely had the option to stay at the club. There is a possibility that he must leave Inter Milan. In the next exchange, he is waiting for a new destiny. Of course Klopp could consider him. Icardi is an important figure in Inter Milan. In eight games, he was successful with six goals and two assists. It is attractive consideration for any club which interested in him. So, take it or leave it alone. And Klopp should be taking a good chance of Mauro Icardi.


Saido Berahino

He was waiting for the end of his contract period in this season. Involved with many problems at West Brom, Berahino should take the right decision at a new club. Well, it can be taken for free or perhaps another offer. But it was a kind of gambling. Actually, he has the capacity and quality, although he could not prove it at the club now. Therefore, Klopp can make the best decision. Maybe it can not be fast, but the team should takes the process to accept and adjust with him.


Danny Ings

Klopp could take a player from the club. And the choice is Ings. In the last season, he was troubled with severe injuries. Indeed, he is still staying at the club, but not in the main squad. Interestingly, he would show good performances in the youth team. Maybe this is the right time for Klopp to take Ings back. He should be given the opportunity once again to give the best contribution to the first team. Well, Klopp can give him a good deal. Moreover, the team barely able to rely entirely on Sturridge again.


Michy Batshuayi

Klopp can submit an attractive offer to Chelsea. He is a quality player. But he almost never gets a major opportunity in the field. It is an obstacle for the career of this young player. In Marseille, he is an important figure who drove the success of the team. His record is 17 goals and 9 assists in Marseille. Unfortunately, he was having trouble getting ration play at Chelsea. Klopp can take advantage of this situation. Perhaps with a loan offer for one season, or at the same time buy him.


Alexandre Lacazette

A shining young talent from Lyon. Also, his name often appears in the transfer market. Still, he stays at the club. For two seasons, he has produced more than twenty goals. It is not surprising that there are many clubs who want him. For Klopp, he may be the type of player that is required by the current team. But the competition will be tight. While there are many clubs who also wanted him. However, Klopp ideal to be able to make decisions before he gets another offer.

How about Sturridge? It seems that he is not bothered by all those problems. It’s been going on for several weeks. And there is always the possibility that he will leave the Reds. It is a matter of time and could he take a different decision. Nearly a month ago, there are several clubs who wanted him. They are ready to give the best deals to the player if he decides to go by early next year.

For three years he joined Liverpool. Statistics from wikipedia saids that he has appeared 98 times and contributed 55 goals. But it seems Klopp provides a problem for these players. He is not fit to be placed on the side, while he was known as a striker. Several times he showed dissatisfaction, and degrades his quality on the field. As a result, Klopp must seek alternatives to replace this player.

However, the club seems still finding it hard to sell him in the near future. This poses a major problem in the team that still relies on him. The consideration is how to release Sturridge to another club and not their rivals. The situation is difficult and Liverpool should be able to take the right decision because they need new players to strengthen the field. Klopp could not postpone it again, but there are some problems such as the offers from several clubs.

Stoke, West Ham and Sunderland had made an offer to Liverpool. They expressed their readiness to accept Sturridge with flexible bid value. The situation is increasingly sparked discomfort among players, while Klopp is not getting the proper replacement. For Sturridge, he seemed to have the freedom to decide because he felt not needed in the team. So, in recent weeks, Klopp should be considering several options appropriate to replace Sturridge.

Team Formations Evolution Over Time

Modern football has many differences with the classical era. But in substance, there was no noticeable difference. For those who really love this sport, they certainly have a lot of knowledge and insight.


More than a century, the game became one of the best entertainment and popular in the world. Actually, what makes it exciting? Well, there are many reasons if you ask it to many people. In fact, the most interesting things always happen on the field.

We take from one point of view, about the team. This is a team of eleven people. Well, it’s twelve if we add one for the coach. However, on the pitch, eleven people are the main weapons of the club. We can not assume that because one or two players. Everything is the result of a blend of tactics, formations, and the players involved. From those points, we could take an important reason, the formation. Yes. Formation is the basic framework of a team that determines whether they can apply appropriate tactics and managed to win a match.

Interestingly, there are many changes or evolution of formation used by football teams. Might be good if we describe some of them. So, let’s get start it below.


2-3-5 Pyramid

This is one of the oldest formations. This might not be of interest to be applied on an aggressive team. But this will be very effective to apply pressing tactics dribbling and consistently. In 1972, the formation was successfully implemented by the Scottish team against England. At that time, the English National Team apply individual tactic that are very confident in most players. Well, it does not work well in the face of this formation. The Scottish was very patient in play and controls the ball. So, the result is a draw, without a goal. It proves that football is a team game or cooperation, not individual.


It is popular as WM formation. Simply put, it is a formation that has a shape similar to the two letters. It is a modified version of 2-3-5. Two forwards pulled into the center, and one defender in the backwards. This is a dynamic formation because done gradually. At the beginning of the game, the forward position is advanced. Then, followed by changes in the position of defender.


Two full-backs was involved in helping the attack. Meanwhile, midfielder down to the center, to strengthen the middle row. So, there are many players in the center of the formation. It’s easier for a team to control the ball longer, and implement aggressive attack. This is a historic formation when the Hungarian team won the match against England. At that time many people realize the decadence of 3-2-2-3 and 4-2-4 formations. And finally, a Hungarian coach brought this to Brazil. With the 4-2-4, the Brazilian team won the World Cup title three times. This is became the root of such modern styles like 4-4-2, 4-3-3, and 4-2-3-1.


Yes. You surely know this. A typical formation of Italian. Originally, this was not the original formation of the Italian. It was created by Rappan from Switzerland. In the 1950s, the formation was developed by Helenio Herrera. The coach of Argentina is applying it to Inter Milan, and began to rise in the early 1960s. This is one of the best formations for defense and counterattack. Along the times, it is modified to be more aggressive. Libero assigned to help the attackers. And the result is a victory for Italy for World Champion in 1982. agen bola terpercaya

Total Football

For the first time, this formation is used by Ajax Amsterdam. Around the 1960s, it opened the eyes of many people about optimal cooperation in a team. We can elaborate on this in a brief description; the best way to defend is to start from the front lines, and a best way for attacking is from the rear lines. In World Cup competition in 1974, the Netherlands lost to Germany. But at that moment, the whole world respects them. They have shown best performance on the field. And in the end, they are considered as one of best teams in the world.



Argentina is a great team, especially in the World Cup 1985. They apply this formation and successfully popularized all over the world. On the 1990 World Cup and 1996 European Cup, the German implementing this formation. In fact, there are many great teams that use this formation. Most have been modified but still use the basic concepts.


In the late 1980s, Arrigo Sacchi introduces this through AC Milan. It is a formation with a firm but disciplined defensive line. The players could win the ball with ease as well as on the front. In fact, this is very effective for offside trap. With AC Milan, 4-4-2 is a dynamic formation which very disciplined but flexible.

Meanwhile, it is a formation that is successfully developed by MU and makes it into their strong characteristics. This was the heyday of the MU when handled by Alex Ferguson with the aggressive nature and productive. Suitable for a team consisting of aggressive players who can pass quickly and tactically.


If you are a fan of Chelsea or Inter Milan, you should know this formation. It is a combination of style Hungary, Total Football, and 4-4-2. The point is control of the ball for a player. Very reasonable if it is applied by a big team consisting of many stars.


It is the most modern version of the classic styles. But it is also very complex. A formation that relies on strong cooperation, but at the same time must be supported by high personal skill. It had been developed and applied by many of the world team. For example is the Spanish when they became European champions in 2008 and 2012. And do not forget how they were world champions in 2010. Until now, many people are trying to formulate the most ideal style for a modern team formation. And certainly, it should be theresult of old formations.

After De Boer, Who’s Next?

Lost 1-2 from Atalanta, Inter Milan supporters should accept the reality. Three times in a row, the team was defeated in domestic arena. Now, they had to settle for 14th position. A challenge will be more difficult if the team didn’t immediately make corrections and best efforts.

In that game, Inter did perform very poorly. De Boer said that his team played with fear. In the first half, the team played very disappointing. There is no good coordination between Mauro Icardi and his friends. In the tenth minute, they struck at a goal kicked by Andrea Masiello. In the second half, they managed to restore confidence and evened the score. But two minutes before the game ends, Atlanta earn a penalty kick.

Inevitably, we have to look at De Boer. He is a coach who now must quickly solve a lot of problems. To this day, it was reported that he would be fired from the team. In fact, the club officials have conducted a series of meetings to find a replacement.

The change of coach is important and very urgent. In some seasons, there are many big clubs who have problems with their teams. Meanwhile, the reputation of Inter Milan is at stake. Many supporters were impatient and were very disappointed with the team’s performance.

Well, it doesn’t matter. De Boer is away from the club. But who would replace him? Here are some of the names mentioned, to be submitted soon.


Fabio Capello

After all, he is one of the best candidates. For a year, he doesn’t any club after leaving Russia. Instead of staying abroad, maybe it would be good if he came home and serve in the local clubs. Unfortunately, a reliable source said that he would not choose Inter Milan, at least in the near future. But we never know how the situation could change, because this is the world of football. So, we are just waiting for the time and evidence. For several weeks, his name is often referred to as a candidate for Inter Milan. But over time it is indisputable because there is no certainty.

Stefano Pioli

A former coach of Lazio. For two years, he struggle the best for the club. But after a sad lost by AS Roma, he had a bad experience because of being fired. Regardless of that fact, Pioli is the right name. Indeed, Lazio was the only major club that he had ever handled. But he also experienced in some good teams like Bologna, Palermo, Chievo and Sassuolo.

Andrea Mandorlini

Will he return to his old club? In the 1980s, he was the coach. Later, he continued his career to several clubs. After five years at Hellas Verona, he was fired. Although twice as successful in the promotion, he should leave it. Some time ago, he expressed his desire to return to Inter Milan. Perhaps this will be a nice moment, or not at all.


Francesco Guidolin

After his career ended in Swansea, he had no other choice but to return to Italy. Experience in some clubs is a good thing for him to be considered among the top brass at Inter Milan. Most officials at the Inter also hope that he can be relied upon to replace De Boer. So, we wait and see.

Marcelo Bielsa

Someone with a strong personality. Perhaps Inter Milan will fit in with his charm. One of the surprising things is when he resigned after just two days appointed for Lazio. Most fans can expect him as the leading candidate. However it must be proven again, not just because of his personality or charm.

Laurent Blanc

Yes. One former player in the era and now is a coach. At Inter Milan, Blanc undergo over two seasons. In France, he was someone with a good reputation. Success with PSG, but had to leave the club. Perhaps it is better if Inter Milan consider him. The answer will be determined if the situation is getting urgent. But there has been no official statement from Blanc, since his name is often mentioned for several weeks.


Stefano Vecchi

Why not take away from the inside? If so, Vecchi is the right choice. Now, he is dealing with the primavera team. For two years, he showed his good skill in training and building a strong formation. Proven success in a young team for several important matches. Instead of waiting too long, he could be the interim coach until the club’s final decision for the new coach.


He has good experience at Inter Milan. In 2010, he won the title and Coppa Italia. A year later, he left the club. Until now, he did not train any team. So, this is a good moment to rise unless there are other considerations. The problem is how he can return without their continued from previous career. Officials can not take decisions only because romanticism of the past.

Diego Simeone

Well, we recognize that he is a person who missed at Inter Milan. There are many people who wish that he should go back to the club. In fact, once he expressed a desire to return to Inter Milan. Followed by his action to shorten the contract with Atletico. But that’s no guarantee, because his club is unlikely to let him easily.

To date, the strongest candidate is Laurent Blanc. Meanwhile, De Boer admitted that he has been unable to handle the team. Reportedly, the club has been in communication with Stefano Pioli and Francesco Guidolin. However, there is a greater expectation to bring the figure with a good reputation. Simeone did the best candidate. But they could not confirm it because Atletico could not possibly allow that.

Several times, the man from the Netherlands said that this was not his team. Apparently, he did not have any expectations at Inter Milan. In the last week, they lost to Cagliari. And he gave a bad comment that the team had forgotten how to play football mansion. In fact, he admits that it is the most difficult track in his career.